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I first learnt how to weave with willow in 1999. It became a passion for me and I embarked on years of practising on my own and the occasional tuition from various wonderful tutors around Britain. As well as making baskets and sculptures for commissions and outlets I have been actively researching traditional basketry around Scotland with the Woven Communities project. I have contributed to the Woven Communities website which is chock full of interesting information on the people who made and used the baskets as well as the industries that required them and the materials that were used for them. See it all at

I have come to grow all my willow on the croft where I live on the Isle of Great Bernera in the Outer Hebrides.

I teach regularly on the islands and have been doing so for around 15 years. So if you fancy having a go or improving your skills have a look at the workshops I offer. I am often on the mainland too so I may be able to tailor a workshop for you and your friends wherever you are.

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