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Willow grows very easily from cuttings. It also is a great way to lock in carbon from the environment. You may be wanting to grow willow for your own basketmaking, or to give your garden a windbreak, or for winter colour. I grow lots of different types of willow on the croft here on the Isle of Great Bernera.

Willow is of the genus Salix and there are several different species and many different varieties. Some of these varieties have been bred specifically for basketmaking. My favourites for basketmaking are vareties of Salix purpurea.

I have two fabulous quick growing Salix for windbreaks that are very hardy and salt wind tolerant.

There are some beautiful colours of Salix including red, orange and purple which can be used for basketmaking and also to provide winter colour in the garden.

 Price     60p each for cuttings (approx 10" long)

Minimum order £10.20

Contact me to see which varieties I have available.

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